Sunshine Laundry in Sausalito is known as one of the cleanest and most convenient self-service laundromats in the area.

Our store is 100% staffed, which means there is always someone there to help you. Come by and see for yourself!

While we are committed to delivering top quality, you can rest assured that you are supporting us in doing good by becoming one of our customers. Social and environmental sustainability is close to our hearts and we are constantly striving to improve.

All our employees are paid above market rates which should reflect the high cost of living in our region. Additional benefits and paid vacation time are a matter of course.

When it comes to our ecological footprint, we are constantly trying to improve.

Did you know that our commercial washers and dryers are much more efficient than your average household appliance?

We also focus on working with suppliers that use modern and sustainable methods for our dry cleaning.

We have several initiatives planned and will keep you updated here on our website over the next few months!